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A raven's leg Cooking Projects of Household Members

A raven's leg Eine Kleine Fest

On November 8, 2003, Tirloch was head cook for the event "Eine kleine Fest mit ein gross Essen" (A little event with a great big feast") held in the Barony of Ponte Alto.

All the dishes presented in the feast were translated and redacted by Tirloch from Marx Rumpolt's <<Ein new Kochbuch>> which is dated to 1581. The documentation of this feast is presented here (including images of the cook book's original text and woodblock prints):

Note: These files show the same information.  But one is a text version of PDF (which sometimes shows trouble with the German fonts) and the other is graphical (and considerably larger to download).

Kleine fest booklet - text PDF

Kleine fest booklet - graphical PDF

A raven's leg Other <<Ein New Kochbuch>> work

Tirloch is not alone in working on the <<Ein New Kochbuch>>.  He's been working with Thomas Gloning (University of Marburg) on this project.  Here's some of Gloning's work, their joint information, and URLs for scholarly work in Germany are:

The process of developing this feast started with transcribing the cookbook text (from the pictures of the original script); translating the text to modern German and to English; and then redacting the recipes to add modern terms and appropriate measures for ingredients.  In the process of defining the menu for "Kleine fest", Tirloch transcribed, translated, and redacted many more recipes from this source.  The recipes for the feast were chosen based on needs balance the menu for various tastes, to deal with kitchen space and equipment (particularly insufficient oven space), and to deal with availability and cost of ingredients.  Here are some other recipes that didn't make the cut together with other transcriptions and translations (not yet complete):

transcribed pages

A raven's leg Digby Cakes

Here's Tirloch's the redaction/recipe of his famous Digby Cakes:  "excellent small cakes"

A raven's leg Royal Baker: Bread Documentation

Tirloch had the pleasure to serve Atlantia's as its first Royal Baker through a culinary competition at the Kingdom Arts and Sciences Festival (2002). Here is a rye bread that he redacted.

Meslin Bread

A raven's leg Atlantian 20 Year Feast

Tirloch was co-head cook (with Dame Winifred) for the feast at the Atlantian 20-Year celebration, in May 2001.  Despite the inclement weather, a team of Atlantian's cooks served a fabulous feast to more than five hundred people.

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He was co-cook also for a 12th Night with Dame Winifred, where 400 people were fed.


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