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A raven's leg Ravenstreet History

Coronets of Donald and Winifred

AS 29
1994 Household formed by Winifred Corbet de Wynterwood with
Alesia la Sabia de Murcia
Anne of Carthew
Tirloch of Tallaght
Tehair MacDiarmada
Hreodbeorht MacBeath
Nov 5 1994 Donald and Winifred married.
Feb 1995 Tehair becomes a Golden Dolphin at Ponte Alto Third Baronial Anniversary on 25 February 1995. Receives medallion from Winifred [household medallion].
AS 30
Jun 1995 Oldcastle Trip to England.
Aug 1995 "Hot as Hell" Pennsic. Those at Pennsic camped with Ponte Alto.
Allasondrea becomes a Laurel at Pennsic, 16 August 1995.
Tirloch becomes a Golden Dolphin at Pennsic, 16 August 1995 [household medallion].
Jan 1996 "Thirteenth Night" during the Blizzard of '96.
Feb 1996 Hreodbeorht becomes a Golden Dolphin at Ponte Alto's Baronial Birthday, 24 February 1996 [household medallion].
Mar 1996 Household badge passed.
AS 31
Aug 1996 Ravenstreet camps as a household within the Cromlech encampment, across from Northshield.
We have an exciting evening of smoking a venison roast during a major storm.
Allasondrea, Anne, and Winifred win the mixed consort category of Polyphonic Challenge.
We buy a used tent at the end of Pennsic.
Ćlfwynn of Whitby apprenticed to Allasondrea at Ponte Alto Baronial Court at Pennsic, August 1996.
Feb 1997 Anne becomes a Golden Dolphin at Ponte Alto's Baronial Birthday, 22 February 1997 [household medallion].
AS 32
Summer 1996 We paint the household tent.
Aug 1997 Ravenstreet camps in N21 as a neighborhood in Ponte Alto.
Ponte Alto has camp running-walls for the first time.
Sir Aelfred and members of his house camp with us. (A "Torquamada" wall makes a brief appearance.)
The pile of pillows ("puppy pile") in the household tent becomes a gathering point for hot, tired bodies on Pennsic afternoons.
Mistress Allasondrea de Fano joins household as the first Ravenstreet peer.
Oom-May is made and named.
Harp & Drum competes in Polyphonic challenge both as instrumental and as a mixed consort. "And we didn't even look like bumblebees" while all in black and gold garb.
Sep 1997 Caemfind Ignen Cobthaig apprenticed to Allasondrea at Viking Thang, 28 September 1997.
Jan 1998 Twelfth Night: Ponte Alto hosts event, autocrated by Anne (with Donald as deputy), cooked by Winifred (with Tirloch as deputy).
Allasondrea is made a Pelican at Twelfth Night, 3 January 1998.
Feb 1998 Alaric Luther joins the household, 21 February 1998, at Stierbach's elevation to being a Barony. At the time, he was the event Autocrat as well as the group Seneschal.
Feb 1998 Arianwen ferch Maelgwyn (aka Anastasia da Firenze) apprenticed to Allasondrea at Ponte Alto's Baronial Birthday, 28 February 1998.
Mar 1998 Francesca la Curiosa apprenticed to Allasondrea at Cossacks, Mongols and Huns, 14 March 1998.
AS 33
Aug 1998 Ravenstreet camps as a neighborhood in Ponte Alto in N18.
We have a household fountain (with "Charlie" the golden dolphin) and garden.
Anne becomes a Laurel at Pennsic, 12 August 1998.
Household tent is labeled the 4Ps ("Puppy Pile Party Pavillion").
Harp & Drum wins the Polyphonic Challenge again with the comedy entry of "musical instruments."
Sep 1998 Branwen Madyn Wallis apprenticed to Allasondrea at Coronation of Anton and Luned (III), 12 September 1998.
Nov 1998 Ponte Alto hosts crown tourney, which is won by Duke Stephan.
Winifred put on vigil for her Pelican.
Alesia becomes a Golden Dolphin at Crown Tourney, 7 November 1998 [household medallion].
Dec 1998 "A Little Event with a Great Big Feast"
Celia of Rosedale apprenticed to Anne at A Little Event with a Great Big Feast, 12 December 1998.
Winifred sits vigil for her Pelican.
Jan 1999 Winifred becomes a Pelican at Twelfth Night, 9 January 1999.
AS 34
Aug 1999 The household makes running-walls for the Kingdom encampment.
Ravenstreet camps in Atlantian Royal, N18, supporting Stephan and Niobe.
Agnes Daunce protégéd to Winifred at Pennsic.
Tirloch becomes a Court Baron at Pennsic, 18 August 1999.
Alaric Luther becomes a Golden Dolphin at Pennsic, 19 August 1999 [household medallion].
Sep 1999 Branwen Madyn Wallis becomes a Laurel at Coronation of Amalric and Caia, 13 September 1999.
Nov 1999 Lord Vlad fights for Winifred in Finals of Crown Tourney (loses to Ragnar).
Dec 1999 Beka born.
Jan 2000 Francesca la Curiousa becomes a Laurel at 12th Night, 8 January 2000.
Feb 2000 Donald and Winifred become Baron and Baroness of Ponte Alto.
Ysabel Farquhar apprenticed to Anne at Ponte Alto's Investiture, 26 February 2000.
AS 35
May 2000 4Ps tent torn by wind at Crown Tourney. We patch it.
Summer 2000 Built a household kitchen yurt and a yurt for Luther. Kitchen yurt used only for one Pennsic.
Aug 2000 Ravenstreet camps in Ponte Alto, N19.
We have the Ponte Alto polo fields.
The "4Ps" tent comes down in a big storm on the Sunday night of landgrab weekend.
Brigantia ni Realda apprenticed to Anne at Pennsic.
Nov 2000 Sir Vlad fights for Anne in Finals of Crown Tourney (loses to Havorc).
Apr 2001 Gabriel born.
AS 36
May 2001 Atlantian 20 Year. Autocrated by Anne (with Donald as deputy); cooked by Winifred (with Tirloch as deputy).
Event was wet. And muddy. And the wind knocked the big feast tent over.
Agnes becomes a Court Baroness at Atlantian 20 Year Celebration, 26 May 2001.
Tirloch becomes a Pelican at Atlantian 20 Year Celebration, 27 May 2001.
Aug 2001 Pennsic 30. Ravenstreet camps in Ponte Alto, N19 in a cramped area.
Terrible dust storm at the pack-out of Pennsic.
Terafan camps with us.
Tirloch has a bad back, and isn’t at the war very much.
Feb 2002 Donald and Winifred step down as Ponte Alto Baron and Baroness, and receive John-Deere and Cheese-hat coronets for their Court Baronies at Ponte Alto Investiture, 23 February 2002.
Mar 2002 Donald and Winifred move to Wisconsin.
AS 37
Aug 2002 No Ravenstreet encampment at Pennsic. Tirloch and Anne camp with Marinus.
Anne directs Pennsic choir.
AS 38
Aug 2003 First Ravenstreet Pennsic camp, E05.
Sep 2003 First annual "Chalice of the Sun God" canceled due to Hurricane Isabel.
Nov 2003 Sir Vlad fights for Anne in Finals of Crown Tourney (loses to Cuan).
Nov 2003 Áine Sindradóttir (aka Abe Akirakeiko) apprenticed to Anne at Kleine Fest, 8 November 2003.
Jan 2004 Anne, Tirloch and Celia travel to Drachenwald for 12th Night with Terafan and Dubheasa at a castle in Wales.
Spring 2004 We move camping stuff into a storage unit.
We make major purchases of a grill, tables, and sink to be left there in storage.
AS 39
Jun 2004 Cassandra Arabella Giordani apprenticed to Anne at Stierbach's Birthday, 19 June 2004.
Aug 2004 Terafan and Dubheasa camp with us.
Anne directs Pennsic choir.
Anne and Cassandra participate in battles as siege engineers.
We have an end-of-Pennsic flood.
Nov 2004 Greta Klusenaere became mentor-ee to Anne in November 2004.
Jan 2005 Tirloch becomes a Laurel at Twelfth Night, 8 January 2005.
Mar 2005 Hrosvitha von Celle apprenticed to Tirloch at KASF, 5 March 2005.
AS 40
Spring 2005 We buy a "kitchen" tent, and have household work days to paint it like a thatched cottage.
We make more running-walls, including a new Torquamada wall.
Aug 2005 Tirloch is Head Troll.
Winifred and Donald back at Pennsic.
Anne participates in battles in combat archery.
Jan 2006 Millicent Chandler (aka Pippa Morosini) apprenticed to Anne at Twelfth Night, 7 January 2006.
Mar 2006 Cassandra becomes a Golden Dolphin at KASF, 4 March 2006 [household medallion].
AS 41
May 2006 Anne, Tirloch, Alesia and Cassandra tour castles in Germany.
May 2006 Grace Whytteng apprenticed to Tirloch at Sapphire Joust, 27 May 2006.
Spring 2006 We have household work days to make additional running walls.
Jun 2006 Livia of Ravenswode protégéd to Tirloch at Highland River Melees, 10 June 2006.
Aug 2006 Perronelle le Peintre apprenticed to Allasondrea at Ponte Alto Baronial Court at Pennsic, 15 August 2006.
Feb 2007 Greta and Livia become Pelicans at Tournament of Love and Beauty (Ponte Alto Birthday), 24 February 2007.
AS 42
May 2007 Celia becomes a Golden Dolphin at Sapphire Joust, 26 May 2007 [household medallion].
Aug 2007 "Hell or High Water" Pennsic.
Tirloch is Head Troll.
Livia, Allasondrea, Anne, and Celia given "gilded portcullis" augmentations for work at Troll.
Simone has surgery while the rest of us are at the war.
Sep 2007 Elizabeth of Hadley Hall becomes a student of Tirloch at the Coronation of Logan and Rowan, 1 September 2007.
Grace cooks the Sunday feast at Coronation.
Sep 2007 Anne becomes a Court Baroness at Chalice of the Sun God, 15 September 2007.
Jan 2008 Elizabeth becomes a Golden Dolphin at Twelfth Night, 12 January 2008 [household medallion].
Mar 2008 Allasondrea becomes a Court Baroness at KASF, 1 March 2008.
AS 43
Jul 2008 Caemfind becomes a Laurel at Storvik Novice Tourney, 12 July 2008.
Aug 2008 Anne and Tirloch "don't come" to Pennsic. Except for Land Grab. And Baronial Court. And packout.
Terafan camps with Ravenstreet.
Celia becomes a Court Baroness at Ponte Alto Baronial Court at Pennsic, 7 August 2008.
Jan 2009 Cassandra becomes a Pelican at Twelfth Night, 10 January 2009 [Octave medallion].
AS 44
Aug 2009 Allasondrea is Head Troll at Pennsic.
Anne is camp cook.
Apr 2009 Abe becomes Baroness by Right of Art.
Abe Akirakeiko and Ii Katsumori are invested as Palatine Baroness and Baron of the Far West at the Baronial Coronet Tournament, 4 April 2009.
AS 45
May 2010 Agnes passes away.
Jun 2010 Martine Picot apprenticed to Caemfind at Summer Celebration in Caer Mear, 5 June 2010.
Spring/Summer 2010 Household work days to paint silk banners.
We order a new trellis gate for Pennsic.
William of Kenilworth (aka Perronelle's roadie) makes new benches for the dining tent.
Jul - Aug 2010 Livia is Head Troll at Pennsic.
Donald, Winifred, Gabe and Beka return to Pennsic; Donald is land agent (aka Slum Lord).
Anne is only there first week, and cooks for the camp; Tirloch is not at Pennsic because of work.
Simone does not merchant.
Elizabeth camps with Ravenstreet for the first time, with a broken finger.
Sian verch Gwilim ap Lewelin joins the household at Pennsic.
Cassandra given "gilded portcullis" augmentation for work at Troll.
Sep 2010 Pippa becomes a Golden Dolphin at Lochmere Baronial Birthday, 11 September 2010 [household medallion].
AS 46
Spring/Summer 2011 Household work days to make cushions for the benches.
We order a new tankless water heater for a new shower at Pennsic.
William makes some alternate height benches, and builds a new camp shower (aka cleaning out his garage).
Jul 2011 Inga (aka Katerina von Wolfsberg) apprenticed to Caemfind over dinner at the Northside Tavern, 19 July 2011.
Jul - Aug 2011 Allasondrea is Head Troll for Pennsic 40 (XL).
Cassandra is land agent and elevation coordinator, Anne and Tirloch are only there weekends, Celia has a new tent.
Ii and Abe return from far eastern lands to camp with Ravenstreet.
Hot water to the sink and shower in camp leads to much worshipping at the shrine of St. Bill.
Ii survives trial by fire (aka Cassandra and William attempting to cook) - Allasondrea makes faulty burner "go away."
Caemfind does not attend Pennsic, but Allasondrea takes Caemfind's dress, money, and apprentice (Inga) shopping.
Mathaeus Blades joins the household as the Pennsic Troll group project protégé, 6 August 2011.
Ii and Abe become Pelicans at West Kingdom Court at Pennsic, 11 August 2011 [Abe receives [Octave medallion].
Sep 2011 Jacintha of Highland Foorde protégéd to Livia at Atlantian 30 Year in Stierbach, 3 September 2011.
Feb 2012 Ponte Alto 20th Anniversary
Tirloch is autocrat, Elizabeth is head cook, Alesia runs the history area.
Allasondrea and Alesia make banners representing the primary Ponte Alto events over the years.
Cassandra and Pippa resurrect the Palio Flag Team.
Mar 2012 Tirloch passes away.
Apr 2012 Howard "Black Harry" Adams protégéd to Ii and Abe.
AS 47
May 2012 Glynis Gwynedd protégéd to Cassandra at Atlantian Spring Crown Tournament, 5 May 2012.
Jun 2012 Glynis becomes a Court Baroness at Highland River Melees, 2 June 2012.
Mistress Tannis of Tir-y-don, in celebration of the 30th anniversary of her induction into the order of the Pelican, presents Jacintha and Glynis with tokens for their service at Highland River Melees, 2 June 2012.
Jun 2012 Celia becomes a Pelican at Stierbach Baronial Birthday and Investiture, 16 June 2012 [Octave medallion].
Jul - Aug 2012 Allasondrea is Troll 3 for Pennsic 41 - she has no radio, can leave site, and often does the happy dance.
William names Allasondrea and Cassandra "The Shim Sisters" as they sing "Shim-shimmeny, Shim-shimmeny, Shim-shim-sheroo" or "Shimmy-shimmy-coco-bop" whenever shims are employed for leveling.
Celia, Pippa and Delphina aren't coming to Pennsic. And then they invade over shopping weekend.
Cassandra, Pippa and Delphina form the Atlantian Flag Corps for Opening Ceremonies, at Her Majesty's request.
Simone, Allasondrea and Cassandra are named Atlantian Thugs (of the Pelican variety - "We'll peck your eyes out!") by His Majesty as they followed TRM around to the various vigils and elevations.
Volkard Rovan protégéd to Livia at Pennsic, 10 August 2012.

Ariane la Fileuse, apprenticed to Allasondrea at ?

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