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A raven's leg The Ravenstreet Players

The full-fledged household members are listed on the left, with any associates listed to their right, with further associates listed further to the right. And some close friends of the household often seen in our company are listed as well.

The member Peer/student lineage shows a slightly different view, without the portraits.

A raven's leg Members

Member Associates
Dame Winifred Corbet de Wynterwood

Winifred Corbet de Wynterwood
Baroness Agnes Daunce

Agnes Daunce
Mistress Allasondrea de Fano

Allasondrea de Fano
Lady lfwynn of Whitby

lfwynn of Whitby
Mistress Caemfind Ignen Cobthaig

Caemfind ingen Chobthaig
Lady Martine Picot

(Photo TBD)
Baroness Inga Fostra inn Danska (formerly Katerina von Wolfsberg)

Lady Anastasia da Firenze (formerly Arianwen ferch Maelgwn)

Anastasia da Firenze
Mistress Francesca la Curiosa

Francesca la Curiosa
Mistress Branwen Madyn Wallis

(Photo TBD)
Lady Ariane la Fileuse

(Photo TBD)
Lady Perronelle la paintre

Perronelle la paintre
Lord William of Kenilworth

William of Kenilworth
Lady Alesia la Sabia de Murcia

Alesia la Sabia de Murcia
Lady Tehair MacDiarmada

Tehair MacDiarmada
Lord Hreodbeorht MacBeath

(Photo TBD)
Lord Alaric Luther

Alaric Luther

Master Tirloch of Tallaght

Tirloch of Tallaght
Lady Hrosvitha von Celle

Hrosvitha von Celle
Lady Grace Whytteng

Grace Whytting
Duea Livia of Ravenswode

Livia of Ravenswode
Lady Jacintha of Highland Foorde

(Photo TBD)
Lord Volkard Rovan

(Photo TBD)
Lady Elizabeth of Hadley Hall

Elizabeth of Hadley Hall
Pennsic-Troll Group Project Protg
Lord Mathaeus Blades
(jointly with Allasondrea de Fano, Anne of Carthew, Livia of Ravenswode, and Cassandra Arabella Giordani)

Mathaeus Blades
Mistress Anne of Carthew

Anne of Carthew
Mistress Celia of Rosedale

Celia of Rosedale
Lady Ysabel Farquhar

Ysabel Farquhar
Lady Brigantia ni Realda

Brigantia ni Realda
Mistress Abe Akirakeiko (formerly ine Sindradttir)

Abe Akirakeiko
Master Ii Katsumori

Ii Katsumori and Abe Akirakeiko
Lord Howard "Black Harry" Adams
(jointly with Ii Katsumori)

(Photo TBD)
Maestra Cassandra Arabella Giordani

Cassandra Arabella Giordani
Baroness Glynis Gwynedd

Glynis Gwynedd
Signora Pippa Morosini (formerly Millicent Chandler)

Pippa Morosini
Baroness Greta Klusenaere

Greta Klusenaere
Lady Sian verch Gwilim ap Lewelin

Sian verch Gwilim ap Lewelin

A raven's leg Friends

(and frequent, welcome members of our Pennsic Camp)

Duchess Marie-Simone de Barjavel 'la Fildena

Marie-Simone de Barjavel 'la Fildena
Sir Aelfred of Cres

Aelfred of Cres

Many thanks to Belphoebe de Givet for providing many of the portraits of the Ravenstreet Family!

Last updated: July 4, 2023